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Aaron Levitt is an independent investment analyst and author living in State College, Pennsylvania. His work appears in several high profile publications in both print and on the web. As an advocate for long-term globally oriented investing, Aaron believes that exchange traded funds have leveled playing field for Main Street. Following global macroeconomic trends, investors now have several avenues to create great long-term portfolios. Aaron is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University where he studied Economics and International Business. Aside for helping regular investors develop winning portfolios, his current projects include writing his first book about investing in North America’s changing energy landscape.

Recent Content By Aaron Levitt
Municipal Bonds 101

A Compliment to Corporate Bonds: Maximizing Returns and Diversification with Municipal Bonds

With the Federal Reserve raising rates, building a fixed income portfolio may have just gotten a...

Municipal Bonds 101

Beyond the Safety Net: Understanding the Hidden Risks of General Obligation Municipal Bonds

Driven by their tax-free interest and current high yields, municipal bonds have continued to be...

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Municipal Bonds 101

Dismantling Misconceptions: The Stability of High Yield Municipal Bonds

When it comes to the high-yield bond space, high-yield corporate bonds have certainly earned...

Municipal Bonds 101

Unpacking the Muni Bond Rollercoaster: Lessons from 2023 and 2024

After 2022’s bond rout, 2023 was a wonderful time for fixed income investors. High yields as well...

Municipal Bonds 101

Municipal Bonds Unmasked: Separating Fact From Fiction With Goldman Sachs

While municipal bonds have grown in popularity, they are still ignored by the bulk of the...

Municipal Bonds 101

Municipal Bond Upgrades: Balancing Perceived Risks With Real Opportunities

When it comes to safety, municipal bonds have long been a go-to investment for income seekers....

Municipal Bonds 101

Cash Alternatives: How Short-Term Munis Provide Safety, Liquidity, and Tax Benefits

Savers have been rejoicing over the last year or so. With the Fed raising benchmark rates, CDs,...

Municipal Bonds 101

Navigating Economic Uncertainty: The Case for Municipal Bonds

While the economy seems to be moving right along, there’s no doubt that it is slowing. The...

Municipal Bonds 101

Investor Jitters or Legitimate Concerns? Decoding the State Revenue Decline and Its Impact on Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds are typically seen as a boring fixed income sector. Volatility and defaults are...

Municipal Bonds 101

Unlocking the Potential: 5 Reasons Munis Deserve a Spot in Your Portfolio

Thanks to last year’s bond rout and the Fed’s continued path of monetary tightening, there...

Municipal Bonds 101

California's Resilience: A Closer Look At Municipal Bonds in the Golden State

As one of the largest states in economic prowess and population, it stands to reason that...

Municipal Bonds 101

New York Life's Guidelines: Navigating the Allocation of Municipal Bonds

Arguably, one of the most important pieces of investing is allocation. Getting the right assets...

Municipal Bonds 101

Why Municipal Bonds are Outshining Treasuries

Thanks to their par values and steady coupon rates, bonds are often seen as the ‘safe’ asset...

Municipal Bonds 101

Income-Driven Returns: The Resilience of Municipal Bonds

Historically, investors have purchased bonds for their steady coupon payments. This relationship...

Municipal Bonds 101

Hospital-Backed Municipal Bonds: A Hidden Opportunity in the Pandemic Fallout

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic was hard on the healthcare sector. From delays on...

Municipal Bonds 101

Muni Bonds at a Premium: A Wise Investment Strategy

Municipal bonds have garnered a lot of attention in recent months. Thanks to their high yields...

Municipal Bonds 101

Muni Bonds: The Tax-Efficient Titans Offering High Yields and Strong Credit

For income investors, these could truly be the halcyon days. Yield is easy to find with a variety...

Municipal Bonds 101

Municipal Bond Resilience: Finding Silver Linings in Commercial Real Estate Challenges

For many investors, municipal bonds are as good as gold. This is because the vast bulk of bonds...

Municipal Bonds 101

Municipal Bond Market: A Summer Rebound on the Horizon

For investors, the municipal bond market has been a tough nut to crack over the last year. Yields...

Municipal Bonds 101

Unlocking the Potential of Taxable Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds have long been a favorite spot for investors looking to score tax-free income....

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Municipal Bonds 101

Long-Dated Municipal Bonds: A Winning Opportunity for High-Net-Worth Investors

Municipal bonds have long been prized by investors with higher incomes and higher tax brackets...

Municipal Bonds 101

Maximizing Returns With Tobacco Bonds: Benefits, Risks and Investment Strategies

When most investors think of municipal bonds, general obligation or GO bonds tend to be the first...

Municipal Bonds 101

Unlocking Yield Opportunities: The Benefits of AMT Municipal Bonds for Investors

Municipal bonds have long been praised by investors for their ability to generate tax-free...

Municipal Bonds 101

Tax-Free Income on Sale: Buying Municipal Bonds at a Discount with Closed-End Funds

There’s nothing better than getting a high yield, except if that high yield comes tax free. And...

Municipal Bonds 101

High-Yield Muni Bonds: Risk With Plenty of Tax-Free Rewards

Historically, the municipal bond market has been a steady-eddy performer for many investors....

Municipal Bonds 101

Should We Worry About Municipal Bond Defaults?

When it comes to safety in fixed income, municipal bonds have long proven their mettle as a...

Municipal Bonds 101

Despite Inflation, Munis Still Have Value

It’s no secret that inflationary pressures and rising rates have caused the entire fixed income...

Bond Insurance

Climate Change & Muni Bond Insurance

Municipal bonds continue to remain a popular way for investors to gain powerful tax advantages...

Municipal Bonds 101

Despite Volatility, Munis Are Still a Good Deal

There are some market segments that are just boring. And one of them happens to be the municipal...

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Municipal Bonds Weekly Market Report: June 1

MunicipalBonds.com provides information regarding the performance of muni bonds for the past week...

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Municipal Bonds 101

A Compliment to Corporate Bonds: Maximizing Returns and Diversification with Municipal Bonds

With the Federal Reserve raising rates, building a fixed income portfolio may have just gotten a...

Municipal Bonds 101

6 Big Questions Answered About the Current Muni Market

In the past few quarters, Muni bond prices have declined primarily due to rising interest rates....

Municipal Bonds 101

How Persistent Inflation Is Being Seen as the Top Financial Risk for the Economy

The anticipated reduction of interest rates by the Federal Reserve, initially projected at the...